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Let me give you the pros and cons I have found so far in juicing.. Cons first…


  • It takes a LOT of time
  • It doesn’t taste great
  • Frequent shopping
  • Bad breath
  • Cravings
  • Sticking with it


  • Definite increase in energy
  • (possible) Reduction in blood pressure
  • Feeling healthier
  • Weight loss

Now let me address these individually:

CON: It takes a LOT of time

At first, it didn’t seem like it was a chore or that it took a lot of time.. but after a couple of weeks it gets really old.. I am having trouble right now getting up early enough to juice my breakfast and lunch.

CON: It doesn’t taste great

I kind of expected this… but then you hear how great some of these taste.. and if you watched Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead the majority of people he gave juice to said it was good… well I am telling you.. if you make a juice that is 20% fruit and 80% vegetable and include mostly dark green leafy vegetables it does not taste good at all. If you add more fruit and cut back on the greens it is much better tasting, but kind of defeats the purpose of juicing.

CON: Frequent shopping

This goes with the taking a lot of time.  You have to buy fresh veggies and fruit every couple of days.

CON: Bad breath

This is suppose to be a sign of toxins leaving your body.. I don’t know about that but I do know that I have sugar free gum handy all the time now.

CON: Cravings

Not as bad as I thought they would be but they are there… Fast food beckons my name as I drive, drinking my lunch.  I think if I did a full juice fast that it would be much easier than replacing 2 meals and eating one… if I was committed to only juice then I think the cravings would be easier to deal with

CON: Sticking with it

This is a struggle.  It is a struggle I deal with for every diet/life style change that I have tried.

And now the pros…

PRO: Definite increase in energy

At first I thought it was in my head… but I really believe that the increase in energy (and I mean a HUGE increase) is directly related to the juicing… I have been juicing for a few days and then slipping and eating junk and no juice for several days… when I juice, after a couple of days, I get a define boost to my energy level… when I have been eating junk (fast food, sweets, fried food, etc.) I fell sluggish, down, not passion… Since I have been off and on several times I can see the difference.

PRO: (possible) Reduction in blood pressure

My blood pressure (with medication) runs around 135/80 sometimes as high as 140/92… I went to my doctor while I was juicing and it was 130/62… SIXTY-TWO.. I was shocked by that… and I want to believe that it was accurate (same nurse that always takes it) and that it is attributed to the juicing.. Not fully convinced yet, so we shall see the next time I go.

PRO: Feeling healthier

Again, I was thinking this was in my head when I started.. but it goes along like the energy level.. juicing I feel healthier.

PRO: Weight loss

Replacing 2 meals with a healthy green juice does make me lose weight.. I lost 11 pounds the first week even with eating poorly for that one meal… my binging when I go off the plan puts that right back on.. but the juicing does cause weight loss for me.

So it is time again for me to get focused and think about all the pros that I personally have experienced.  I need to just suck it up and do this like originally planned… I need to juice every day, 2 meals (Breakfast and Lunch seem to be the easiest ones for me) and not binge on the one meal…

If you are considering juicing here is a link to some Juicing Books that will help you get started.


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